Project 5 Project Description SPIDERfit is a branding project aimed to rebranding an existing brand in need of a facelift. Originally SPIDERfit Kids, the brand focuses on educating utilized activities that develop foundational movement skills and inspire a continuous active lifestyle for kids. Although there was opportunities with their primary design, their brand focused too much on the kids when they are primarily needed to target the teachers, parents and physical therapists. Without the support of these adults, their online program could not be funded. Their social media banner showed how focusing on a youth audience left a messy design with a confusion of colors and a lack of hierarchy. Project Concept Although their primary design was a bit messy, there were a few key elements in there that would be reused toward a better visual system. The concept became to apply these visual elements toward the target audience of childcare adults; such as teachers, parents, coaches and physical therapists. Categories Identity Kind of Project Branding, Editorial Design, Mobile Design Class Name GR 604: Nature of Identity Year of Completion Spring 2017