Project 4 Project Description Into the Blue is a typographic experimentation project focusing on the color blue. The main objective was to create interesting typographic treatments outside of the computer. The end result is a set of posters packaged together in a designed poster box. Several sketch iterations were needed in exploring the best typographic treatment for each poster without detaching too far from the original phrase or word. However, the experimentations themselves sometimes provided something new to the poster rather than what is typically predicted and planned. Project Concept The projects concept was simple in focusing on the color blue. Phrases and words referencing the color helped steer the visual direction for each typographic poster. Considerations of products and materials helped elevate what happened in the photograph. What would happen if I watered down the paint? Would something interesting happen if a shook the background paper? How would the wooden letters float without any added weights? These are the questions I asked myself as I treated each poster as an overly excited painter. Categories Typography Kind of Project Editorial Design Class Name GR 613: Type Experiments Year of Completion Spring 2016