Project 3 Project Description Laws for Paws is a campaign project seeking to establish legal protection towards animals of cruelty. Coming off as a mini-thesis project, this one hit close to home as I had experience working in an animal hospital. I had witnessed and overheard stories of several cases with minimal legal solutions. The brand created a platform where users can be informed of local laws, report incidents of cruelty and display their love for our furry friends. The website and brochure displayed statistics and information, while the mobile app created a tool for reporting and saving animal lives. Of course, an event became inevitable as a place for animal lovers to gather and stand for the legal protection of animals. Project Concept Coming up with the idea was simple as it was a topic I already thought a lot about. The question became how do I construct a visual system that would portray the message but still appeal to the target audience while remaining divergent from other organizations. A law enforcement shield became the primary system of development in portraying protection while animal characteristics established the welcoming aspect. An angled duotone became another important element to direct the viewer in content while also establishing the sense of urgency needed toward the audience. This project became completely rewarding in crafting a project near to my heart. One day, I hope to tackle a similar project in the professional world; a non-fictitious project that could benefit society in some way. Categories Identity, Web Design, Mobile Design Kind of Project Branding, Environmental, Editorial Design Class Name GR 620: Visual Thinking Year of Completion Summer 2015