Project 2 Project Description The paint project called to find a well-established design brand and create a secondary product-line outside of what said brand had already done. However, this product line needed to fit the brand and seem plausible that they would take the direction of producing paint. The paint line included two one-gallon paint colors, two pint-sized cans, a spray can and a paintbrush. Project Concept The brand itself already intrigued me to begin with and the company linked well with the directions of the project. A creative brief and mood board, filled with content of Calvin Klein products and advertisements, helped form and inspire the visual system for the paint line. A single packaging product with dripping graphics inspired the most effective direction to move forward with. What really helped link the packaging to the brand, while also elevating the design, was in one single task: I painted the tin cans white. Categories Branding Kind of Project Packaging Design Class Name GR 322: Packaging Design 2 Year of Completion Fall 2016