Project 1 Project Description Through a semester long project, The Ugly Truth is a film festival honoring select films of Martin Scorsese. The project focused on the crime heavy films that elevated Scorsese’s recognition as a great director. The entire project revolved around an event with various deliverables to support it. A website and mobile app was designed to provide informative content about the event. Posters and environmental graphics helped with promotion and wayfinding. For the festival, movie tickets, passes, a pocket schedule and a program are provided for the participants. For VIP members, a collectors packaging was assembled that included several swag items, including a DVD set, were added along with the festival passes and tickets. Project Concept In researching Scorsese’s films, I found that the crime and graphics did not bother the director as it was a lifestyle he had grown up with. Many films tend to focus on the highlighted moments in life, when Scorsese directed toward portraying the raw and uncensored lifestyle. You see, the portraying of the ugly side of life helped set him apart from other directors. With this understanding, I developed a censored identity through the application of black tape. The tape would move on as a raw and dramatic exposure of graphic elements. Categories Identity, Web Design, Mobile Design, Wayfinding Kind of Project Branding, Environmental, Editorial Design Class Name GR 612: Integrated Communications Year of Completion Spring 2016